Floral jewellery gets a chic makeover

Floral jewellery gets a chic makeover

Flowers have been an inspiration for jewellery designers for ages now. The curves, layers, petals and the enchanting colours of flowers make for a significant theme in jewellery designing. “Connecting to nature through our indulgence has a very calming and serene effect. No lifestyle category can elude itself from a getting inspired from nature around and jewellery is one such category that has always come alive through floral inspirations. However, it is creatively quite challenging to pick up a floral theme which has universally been discovered and rediscovered by designers across eras and still make it relevant and create something unique,” says Abhishek Rastogi, Head of Design, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited.
Every year, floral motifs and designs continue to charm everyone and rule the world of trends, season after season! Imitating nature, jewellery has become a way to reflect the floral world’s beauty. Here’s a look at how designers are celebrating the natural motifs with their crafts:

Bangalore-based jewellery designer, Pallavi Foley loves to tell a story through her designs. Nature being a driving force for her collection, Pallavi has worked with various crafts to incorporate the beauty of flowers.
One such piece is this floral ring, which she describes as a modern take on polki jewellery.

Pallavi Foley ring

The designer has used uncut diamond with abstract flowers around polki with the flush diamond setting.
“I research the flower for months and understand all its connections and links, to history, the city, nature etc. The research helps me to give a very unique angle to study and present the jewel. When I do floral designs, as every petal is unique and often bends differently, we work on a three-dimensional model. It is made on the computer and then its either made by hand completely or blended with a few innovative technologies to achieve the desired result,” says Pallavi.

floral jewellery by Pallavi Foley

Inspired by many flowers for her designs, one of her favourites has been the Indian rose. Taken inspiration from rose paintings in palaces of Bikaner, Pallavi has combined this floral motif with minakari work, giving it colourful take.

indian rose pallavi foley jewellery

Going beyond the cliche designs, Pallavi also finds inspiration under the sea, “When I go scuba diving, I see beautiful aquatic flowers, which have been a big source of inspiration for my designs,” comments Pallavi.

floral jewellery by pallavi foley

Gem-set jewellery has reached new heights in jewellery making. Designers love to experiment with colourful stones on natural motifs, showcasing extraordinary designs. One of the most innovative designs is the invisible gemstones setting used for floral motifs like shown in the ring below.
Combing gold with colourful gemstones, Tanishq’s Aarambh collection showcases a fresh take on floral designs. The latest line features colourful briolette diamonds, intricately carved gemstones with ombre settings and colourful sapphires.

Tanishq aarambh floral collection

For centuries, flowers have been an integral part of weddings. In olden days, before the arrival of jewellery, brides adorned themselves with fresh flowers and it’s no surprise that floral-themed fine jewellery is a big hit among brides these days.
“Floral jewellery has been a quintessential choice for brides who wish to experiment with their look and add a twist to the traditional ensemble,” comments Leshna Shah, Founder & Chief Creative Director, Irasva.

Floral jewellery by Irasva

Celebrating the beauty of nature, Forevermark Trend Report for 2020 features ‘Urban Nature’ as one of the key themes for Spring Summer collection. the collection combines the shapes and silhouettes of many urban objects like architecture with botanical forms like leaves, flowers and tendrils.
“Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for creativity and at Forevermark. With many of us now living in urban environments, jewellery that suggests a harmonious connection to the natural world speaks to our hope for a positive future. Botanical forms such as flowers, leaves, and tendrils combine with sculptural outlines, dramatic planes, and abstract symmetries to create a striking new design language,” explains Federica Imperiali,Head of New Product Development, Forevermark.

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